how to make rainbow canopy for girls room

How To Make A Rainbow Canopy For A Girl’s Room

This is an awesome video showing how to make a rainbow canopy for a girl’s room.

This can be attached above the head of her bed or, if she has one, tucked behind the headboard.

They can be made out of sheer curtains, but this one in the video is made of different colored tulle.

Whispery, lightweight, and sheer tulle is perfect for this project.

One reason is that you can cut it, and it doesn’t need to be hemmed or sewn.

Another reason is that tulle comes in all different vibrant colors, some of which glitter and shimmer.

Tulle even comes in sheer prints.

Tulle is most commonly used in weddings.

So if you decide not to do the rainbow colors this crafter did, you have a wide variety of other colors and prints to choose from.

This project is easy to do and will probably take about an hour.

But the joy will last a long time.

After you watch the video, I think you will want to do this. 🙂

video by HG

Supplies Needed

Large embroidery or quilting hoop; you will only use the inner hoop


Sewing scissors

Ceiling hook

Tulle fabric: If you decide to do this as in the video, then you will need 6 yards each of these six colors: pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. The crafter in the video made a suggestion that you could use only four colors if you choose, and it should still be okay and look full and colorful enough. Then the colors you might choose would be pink, yellow, green, and blue.

You should be able to find this at your local fabric shop or online. I think it’s best to see and feel the fabric before buying. But you may be okay buying it online. You are the judge of that. The main thing is to have fun with this!

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Cut each piece of tulle into two long strips. So the 6 yards of each color should have come in 54-inch widths. So if you cut them in half longways, you will get two 27-inch-by-6-yard strips for each color.

Step 2: Fold each strip in half to find the halfway point. Using just the inner hoop of the quilt hoop, make a loop and pull the ends through the hoop. Do this with the other strips. Pink, pink, orange, orange, and so on.

Step 3: Cut two long pieces of paracord string. Judge how long by deciding how far the hoop should be from the ceiling and then doubling that and adding about 4 inches more. Fold the two pieces together in half and make a knot with a loop. That will hang on the hook when it’s finished.

Step 4: Take each of the single strands of paracord one at a time and tie it to the hoop. Use a double knot to make sure it is secure. Take the other 3 strands and double knot them, evenly spacing them around the hoop.

Step 5: Lastly, screw in the ceiling hook, making sure it’s secure in a stud. Hang the canopy. If it’s too long, then trim the bottom OR raise the hoop closer to the ceiling if you can.

Good job!

Wasn’t this easy? No sewing, because Tulle doesn’t need a finishing edge when you cut it.

I think that’s one reason why it is used for decorating weddings, baby showers, and bridal showers.

Any little girl would love to have this beautiful canopy in her room.

Do you know a little girl who deserves such a surprise?

Remember, it’ll only take about an hour, but the memory of it will last her a lifetime.

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