how to make bauble pendant lamp

How To Make A Bauble Pendant Lamp – Easy DIY

In this video, we are going to learn how to make a bauble pendant lamp.

This is not the usual-looking DIY lighting fixture.

In fact, this video makes this project look so easy that I’ll be doing one for my bedroom in the next month.

Once you watch this, I think you will see what I mean by “so easy.”

In this video and instructions, everything is gold.

What if we used silver, bronze, or another color?

This can be made for any room in your home, using any color scheme.

But I do like the gold.

Adding the light bulb that changes colors gives it a whimsical touch that helped me decide that this is what I want in my bedroom.

I hope you like it, too.

video by HGTV

Supplies Needed

white pendant light cord

dimmable 16-color LED light bulb with remote

24 clear glass ornaments [about 2.75 inches (70 mm) in diameter]

gold spray paint

gold acrylic paint or gold paint for glass

gold twine or string [you will need 24 x 18 inches ==> 12 yards]

bowl to put acrylic paint in for dipping ornaments

cups, plastic cups, empty egg cartons, anything to put upside-down ornaments in to let them dry

tape measure

scissors or something to cut the twine in 18-inch pieces

Step-by-step instructions

Step 1: Remove the tops from the glass ornaments. Paint the tops with the gold spray paint. Let them dry.

Step 2: Clean the glass ornaments with alcohol and a paper towel or clean cloth to remove any oils or film that may be on them so the paint will adhere better.

Step 3: Pour gold acrylic paint into a bowl. Dip the ornaments, one by one, in the bowl, covering about 1/3 of the ornament, or your preference. The video will help guide you through this. Set them upside down in paper cups, regular cups, or egg cartons to dry. (I know that in the video, it looks as though she stands them on the opening of the ornaments. In my experience, those are not level. That’s why I suggest things to put them in while they dry. If yours is level, then great!)

Step 4: Cut the twine into 18-inch pieces. You need 24, one for each ornament.

Step 5: After the ornaments have dried, put the tops back on. Then tie one end of an 18-inch twine piece to each.

Step 6: Put the bulb in the pendant light cord.

Now you can gather the light cord and twine pieces attached to each of the ornaments. Pull the twine of some of the ornaments up so they will be at different levels surrounding the pendant light bulb. It will be hidden a little.

Once you decide that the light bulb is surrounded, take just the twine pieces and tie them together in a knot at the top. Cut off the ends that are too long and past the knot.

Hang both the pendant light and the ornaments together on one of the hooks that were included with the pendant light cord. Just make sure that you arrange the ornaments around the light bulb again.

Note: After plugging in the pendant cord, turn on the switch. Use the remote that came with the bulb to control the on/off switch, the dimmer, and the color modes.

There are a lot of different colors that can be used on this.

The ornaments used here are clear, but you can also get them frosted and iridescent.

You can paint stripes, circles, stars, small dots, and anything else you desire on them.

The pendant light cord comes in black, too, so that opens up some more options.

This is a beautiful and rewarding project to do.

This pendant light can totally change the atmosphere in any room it’s in.

In the daytime and nighttime.

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