how to make stocking hat christmas tree ornament

How to Make Stocking Hat Christmas Tree Ornaments

In this video, we will learn how to make little stocking-hat Christmas tree ornaments.

They are adorable and soft.

You don’t have to worry about them falling to the floor and shattering, like most traditional ornaments.

Which makes them great around little kids and pets.

Chances are you have both yarn, sequins, and beads around your house.

It is a very inexpensive and easy craft.

These ornaments will last a long time.

Especially since you are sewing on the sequins and beads and not just gluing them on.

Those seem to fall off after a year or so. 🙂

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Supplies Needed:

45 pieces of yarn, each cut into a foot-long

6-inch x ¾ inch piece of thin cardboard






Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Tape together the ends of the cardboard so as to form a circle. Secure it well so it doesn’t come apart.

Step 2: Following the video, take one piece of yarn at a time and loop it around the cardboard circle. She does it the same way each time. It will look better if you do the loops the same way all around.

Step 3: After you get all of the yarn pieces on it, push the yarn ends through the opening. This makes it look like a stocking hat.

Step 4: Gather all the yarn ends and tie them with another piece of yarn. Make it tight so it bushes out like a pompom.

Step 5: With scissors, cut off the straggly ends of the pompom and trim it to look like a stocking hat with a large pompom on top.

Step 6: Take another piece of yarn and tie it under the pompom to make a loop for hanging on the tree.

Step 7: Now for the finishing decorating touches. Sew on beads and sequins. In this video, she uses eight of each, putting them together.

At the end of the video, you will notice that she shows more of the ornaments in different colors.

Also, they are larger.

So, play around with the size of the cardboard and adjust how much yarn you will need.

I think larger would be really great.

Of course, it will take more yarn loops.

Maybe the lengths of the yarn pieces will have to be a little longer, too.

My imagination is running wild.

What about medium-blue yarn with white beads?

Oh, yeah, of course, purple yarn sounds fantastic to me. 🙂

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