how to make a pillow out of a rug

How to Make a Pillow Out of a Rug

In this video, we will learn how to make a pillow out of a rug.

The textures and colors in these pillows make them my favorite pillows to decorate a bed.

The more texture, the better.

It makes for a more interesting effect.

We have a few of these pillows on the beds and one on a chair in the living room.

I never thought I could have made them myself with rugs.

But now I do. 🙂

video by HGTV Handmade

Supplies Needed:

2 feet by 3 feet rug

bag of fiber fill

cotton cord

embroidery needle


clips, which you will need in step 4

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1:

Decide what part of the rug you want front and center.

I would think that most rugs would be symmetrical, and the center of the rug would also be good for the center of your pillow.

But maybe rugs will differ in that. If that is the case, then you’ll have to adjust where your seam is going to be.

In the video, her rug center is also her pillow center. So the seam is down the middle of the back.

Step 2:

Straighten the seam so the design is aligned correctly.

With the embroidery needle and a few feet of cotton cord, start sewing the seam using a blanket stitch.

She shows how to do the blanket stitch.

The stitches should be about a half-inch apart.

Finish the seam with a knot.

Then use blanket stitches again to close up one of the ends.

Step 3:

Fill the pillow with the fiber fill. Make sure you use enough to make it very firm.

Step 4:

Lastly, sew the end using blanket stitches. Use the clips to help you hold the ends together.

That’s it.

And so easy.

These pillows would make very unique gifts.

They will think you spent a lot of money.

I think two rugs, blanket stitched together, would make a nice floor pillow or a larger pillow for a bed.

Also, instead of folding the rug longways, fold it the other way and make a small accent pillow.

There are lots of different ideas for this project.

Have fun!

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