how to make a light up headboard

How to Make a Light-Up Headboard

Today, we will learn how to make a light-up headboard.

This project is beautiful and easy.

Sometimes it is hard to decide on something to go above the head of your bed.

Whatever you decide, it has to make a statement, right?

After all, it is the center or focal point of your bedroom.

Well, this project definitely makes a statement.

Airy, relaxing, and fun.

video by Nastazsa

Supplies Needed:

  • curtain rod at least the width of your bed
  • fairy lights or mini lights (in the video, she used 2 boxes of 300 mini lights)
  • command brand damage-free hooks She used an 18-pack for her full-size bed.
  • long sheer white curtains (wide enough to cover at least the wall behind the bed)

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1.) Put up a curtain rod.

2.) Attach the hooks to the wall about 3 inches below the curtain rod.

3.) Hang fairy lights on hooks, letting the long loops hang as far down as you want them to. A good length would probably be just below the height of the bed. But the first and last loops on either side of the bed may go close to the floor. Or you can just have them all go close to the floor.

4.) Hang the curtain on the rod.

This turned out really nice.

Great for a young woman’s room as well as a young girl’s room.

I think any girl would love this in her room.

Any curtains, sheer or not, would look great.

As long as light can get through.

Stripes and white-on-white designs would also look great.

Do this project with your favorite teenage or preteen girl.

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