Large Colorful Wall Art
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Large Colorful Wall Art For Almost Any Room

Are you looking for large colorful wall art for that space above your bed? This might be what you are looking for. I know, I know that the picture above is not showing it in a bedroom, but in a living room. Looks very nice. This wall hanging would be great in dining room also.

Any time I get a new comforter, bed skirt, throw pillows, etc, I have to decide if the old decor will still look good with the new stuff.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t change out those things often. That kind of thing can get expensive.

Not only that, I have a hard time deciding on that particular space. The area above your bed is the focal point of your bedroom. Whatever you hang there is important.

For example, these 4 beautiful white and purple flowers canvas panels are bold and gorgeous.

But does it speak to you? Sorry, “new age” me just spoke.

As my dad used to say after he watched too many HGTV home shows with my mom, “I like that, it . . . pops!” Does it “pop” for you?

I love purple, just about anything in purple. But I guess it is possible that you are not a purple fan.

If so, the company that made this has many more designs and colors. I bet they have quite a few in your favorite color.

According to the reviews, their previous customers are very happy with their products. Statements like: “completes everything” and “easy to hang.”

I like the asymmetrical design because it makes it a more interesting picture. I really like the price, very inexpensive.

Oh, and did I mention that I like the colors in this. 😉

Large Colorful Wall Art

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