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Kids Room Ceiling Fan – 5 Favorites

If you are looking for a plain kids room ceiling fan, you would be out of luck. There’s nothing boring here. 🙂 But if you want to make your child’s room more colorful and extra nice, then you’ve come to the right place.

Not only do these look great, but they are useful in warm weather to help cool. They help reduce the air conditioner part of the electricity bill. However, I use mine all year long, even with the heater on, to stir up the air. Sometimes it is just too stuffy.

There are ones with truck, trains, airplanes, super heroes, Disney characters, Sesame Street characters and all kinds of sports. There are a lot of girly girl ones and some that I believe only boys would like. It was hard, but I chose the 5 I liked the best to list here.

If you or your child want something different, just click one of the buttons below and it will take you to hundreds of choices. Happy shopping!

Outer Space Ceiling Fan For Kids Room

Outer Space Ceiling Fan For Kid’s Room

Girls Princess Room Ceiling Fan

Girl’s Princess Room Ceiling Fan

Football Ceiling Fan For Kids Room

Football Ceiling Fan For Kid’s Room

Pink Flower Petal Fan For Girls Room

Pink Flower Petal Fan For Girl’s Room

Multi-colored Kids Room Ceiling Fan

Multi-colored Kid’s Room Ceiling Fan

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