How To Make A Spooky Halloween Candle Lantern – 3 Easy Steps

How To Make A Spooky Halloween Candle Lantern – 3 Easy Steps

This tutorial and video will show you how to make a spooky Halloween candle lantern. This is one of the easiest holiday craft projects I have ever done. I like finding things to do that take minimum effort but gives maximum results. Don’t you?

In the video, she makes 4 jars. You can make as many as you want. Here we will do one.

video by Becca Beach

Supplies Needed

purple spray paint

black acrylic paint

a glass jar

tea light candle

2 small paint brushes – The more detail in your drawing, the smaller one of the brushes need to be.

Halloween silhouette template – (The link she mentions in the video goes to a paid template. Go to and get lots free.)

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: After you gather your supplies, find a place outside away from anything that will get ruined by purple paint. Spray a very light coat of paint on the outside of the jar. Remember it needs to be see through so the light will shine through. Also, you will want the template to show through it also. Let dry for about 30 minutes.

Step 2: Put your template inside the glass jar with the picture side showing through the glass. Using the paint brushes and black acrylic paint, paint the picture on the outside of the jar.

Step 3: After it has dried, put a tea light candle in the bottom and light it.

The flickering flame gives the silhouette a haunting look. That’s so neat!

As you see this was very easy to do, but the outcome was rewarding.

The template that she used in the video was more detailed than you may like. You may find something with not quite so much in it. But make sure that it has cutouts throughout it so the tea light flame will show through.

Your imagination is the limit on thinking up variations of this. Make Frankenstein, a ghost or maybe a skeleton. Planning a Halloween party? Make several of these and put them around the room. Then turn out the lights!

Happy Halloween!

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