Hermetic Glass Storage Jars – Practical and Timeless

Hermetic glass storage jars were widely used in our grandma’s and great grandma’s days to put up food. Later generations used “plastic ware” to vacuum seal foods for preserving.

Now controversial research has shown that using plastic is bad for our health. I have no doubt that plastic mingles with our food and causes problems.

More and more people are turning to nonplastic containers to drink, eat, heat, prepare and save their food. That’s great because they are healthier and the food tastes better because of no mingling or reaction like there is with plastic.

These are also environmentally friendly because they are made out of natural and recyclable materials. They have multiple uses: preserving, storing and serving food. They are also decorative and have been used for craft projects.

If you ever go to garage sales, you have probably come across some of these. My mom has bought so many different ones from garage sales. Some we have used for food and some for other stuff around the house. At this moment, our coffee is in one.

When I research products for my site, I look at ratings and reviews. This time was no different. What I found was that there are a lot of companies making these. Some of these companies’ products are not air tight or liquid tight which makes them useless for storing food.

More problems I found included flaws with the designs such as peeling paint and painted clear glass instead of real colored glass. Another problem was the latch mechanism breaking or rusting. It goes on and on.

When I ruled out and chose only the best ratings, I ended up with products from only 2 manufacturers. Both are exceptional and have been in business for a very long time. They each have many products that will suit any need for food storage.

Le Parfait

Le Parfait has been making glassware in France since the 1930’s. They call their hermetic glass jars “Super Jars.” And so they are.

You can find more about this incredible company at their website here.

Le Parfait Products
Glass Jar With Clamp Lid

Air Tight Glass Jar With Clamp Lid

This is just one of the many sizes, shapes and colors that the Le Parfait company makes. I chose this one to show because I have one of these sitting on the sofa next to me right now. Mine is an older version with a few changes, but it is an original.

I think my mom got it at a garage sale about 15 to 20 years ago. That’s how long we have had it.

The capacity of the one above is 64 ounces (0.5 gallon).

Hermetic Glass Storage Jars Buying Guide (Le Parfait)

Le Parfait Hermetic Glass Storage Jars Buying Guide

Bormioli Rocco

Bormioli Rocco, the manufacturer, has been making glassware since 1825. Yes, you read that right . . . 1825. Their glass products are made in Italy. They have the most beautiful glassware. You can find out more about this company at their website here.

Bormioli Rocco Fido Clear Jars
Large Hermetic Glass Storage Jar

Large Hermetic Glass Storage Jar

This one made by Bormioli Rocco is a very large storage jar, perfect for flour, sugar, cornmeal, etc. The capacity of this one is 169 ounces (1.3 gallons).

Hermetically Sealed Jar With Blue Lid

Hermetically Sealed Jar With Blue Lid

The blue lid on this jar is actually blue glass – not clear glass painted blue. Clear glass painted blue is too easily scratched off and then you just end up with clear glass. I have had glass jars that have had both real colored glass and painted on. Of course I like the real colored glass. 🙂

Made by Bormioli Rocco with a capacity of almost 34 ounces.

Set Of 3 Hermetically Sealed Square Jars With Locking Lids

Set Of 3 Hermetically Sealed Square Jars With Locking Lids

Bormioli Rocco also made this set of jars. These are square shaped which uses space a little better than round ones. The capacities of these are 17.50 ounces (1.1 pints), 33.75 ounces (2.1 pints) and 50.75 ounces (3.2 pints).

Hermetic Glass Jars Benefits (Bormioli Rocco)

Hermetic Jars Features

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