Hand Carved Rosewood Mortar And Pestle – Practical Beauty

This hand carved rosewood mortar and pestle is so much more beautiful than the marble ones.

Last month, I was looking for some wooden bowls and saw this. Its beauty and usefulness is what makes it a perfect piece to write about on my site.

Its beauty comes from the work of rural artisans that live in an Indian village. These people are true artists to make something like this out of rosewood trees.

Its usefulness is it is made from a hardwood that is safe to use for grinding anything edible such as herbs and medicine. Its wood is safe and of food grade quality.

Have you ever been to a restaurant and ate something that was so delicious? And you were thinking when you make that dish or something like it, why doesn’t yours taste this good.

I believe it’s because of the herbs and spices that are used. A chef knows that the secret to great food is the seasoning. As you know, a little salt brings out the natural flavor of some things, right?

Fresh spices and herbs are the best to use. The way to that is to make your own. Growing and crushing your own herbs and spices can help take your cooking skills to the next level. 🙂

The best thing I like about this particular product is the combining of art and usefulness. I like beautiful things that are practical.

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