Decorative Mesh Fruit Bowl – Helps Fruit Last Longer

This decorative mesh fruit bowl will be a conversation piece in any one’s kitchen.

It’s double walled and made of a net looking and lightweight material. The capacity of this one in the picture is 5 quarts. This brand also comes in 3.5 quarts size.

It comes in white, copper, bronze and black which is shown in the picture. Its airy look gives the surroundings a fresh and uncluttered feeling.

When I first saw this, I thought it was neat. I bet my lemons and apples wouldn’t spoil so quickly with this.

Sure enough, a few of the reviewers mentioned that was one of the things they liked about it. Air is able to circulate, so food won’t spoil so fast.

This alone makes it great for any home. The fact that it looks very modern and cool looking is a bonus.

I like the design and colors available. But the best thing is it will keep my apples and lemons fresh longer.

Decorative Mesh Fruit Bowl

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