Colorful Bamboo Wooden Spoon Set of 4

This colorful bamboo wooden spoon set is wild and wonderful. When I saw this, I thought, what a change from the drab bleached wood I usually see.

As you can see, the set includes 4 utensils. They are made of a special bamboo called pakka wood. The color is FDA approved food grade and will not fade, bleed or wash off.

They need to be hand washed just as all bamboo kitchen items should be. Bamboo is strong and a renewable resource and is highly regarded as an excellent material to be used in the kitchen.

These are great for use on any cookware, as well as non-stick cookware.

If you have a kitchen that needs a splash of color, then these will do it for you. Each one has a hole at the end for hanging on a hook.

I like that these are both useful and decorative. Actually the colors in these would make a great color scheme for a kitchen. Don’t you think so?

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