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Black 5 Light Chandelier – A Trip Down Memory Lane

While looking for a black 5 light chandelier, I was surprised to see so many different historical periods represented in the styles. There are some that look like it could have been popular when the light bulb was invented.

Some look like ones I’ve seen on an old western tv show like Gun Smoke or Bonanza. Others made of Mason jars could possibly represent the 1930s or today in a diy led project that’s so popular.

Then there are quite a few lighting fixtures so modern that we have to attribute them to the space age yet to be. That is how cool they look.

I chose these five for the differences to one another. By no means could I list on this page all the wonderful choices one has when looking for a fixture for their home.

I like all of these and more. But you, my reader, have different tastes than I do, so I have these just to give you a sample of what is available.

I did take notes and chose ones based on ratings and how happy others were with their purchases.

Black Chandelier With 5 Spiraling Lights

Black Chandelier With 5 Spiraling Lights

The highest jar is about 17 inches and lowest jar is about 40 inches from the ceiling. The other 3 jars are 21, 26 and 31 inches from the ceiling.

The 40 watt bulbs are not included. The manufacturer suggest using those old fashioned filament bulbs like the ones shown in the picture.

Of course, the jars are not old Mason jars. They are made to look like Mason type jars. I still like this.

I put this retro chic fixture getting its style from the 1930s, 40s and 50s.

Black Chandelier With 5 Arms

Black Chandelier With 5 Arms

This is one of the sputnik fixtures. This one in the picture has five bulbs, but it also comes in 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 18 bulbs and more choices.

It comes in chrome, nickel and brass. The joints on the arms can be reversed to go the other way. The height is adjustable and can be installed on a sloping ceiling.

The manufacturer calls this design coming from mid-century. The original sputnik satellite was launched in 1957. This fixtures looks nothing like it.

But regardless of its name, I say this is a super space age design. Agree?

Antique Black 5 Light Candalabra Chandelier

Antique Black 5 Light Candalabra Chandelier

As you can see this candalabra is inside a globe cage that hangs on a 39 inch chain. The chain can be adjusted to any length.

It uses 60 watt candalabra bulbs. Some of the reviewers said 60 watt is too bright, so they put in 25 watt.

The globe is 17.5 inches high x 16 inches diameter. Reviewers posted pictures and this fixture is really impressive.

Candalabras make me think of Victorian times. 1830s to 1880s? Maybe.

Linear Black 5 Light Chandelier

Linear Black 5 Light Chandelier

This is especially great for above a dining room table or a kitchen island because of its linear design.

Another manufacturer that recommends 60 watt bulbs. Personally, I don’t like that much brightness and would opt for 40 or 25 watt. But to each his own. 🙂

The fixture hangs down 26 inches. One of the reviewers said it was too short, so she added extensions “and now I love how it looks.”

This has a western feel to its style. But not totally western.

Black Metal Open Shade Chandelier With 5 Lights

Black Metal Open Shade Chandelier With 5 Lights

It is an adjustable 51 inches from the ceiling to the bottom of the fixture and 17 inches diameter.

This modern design is an metal open shade with the bulbs pointing outward horizontally. Although this is a modern style, it is still unusual.

Each one of these chandeliers would help make the room it’s in more exciting and beautiful. It doesn’t matter what period or style the designers got their inspiration from, they did a good job.

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